Our Products

Myn3 is responsible for the development of Tyket, Tyket-pro, and Tykemart.

Tyket provides you with unforgettable experiences. Our revolutionary app has it all—follow your favorite artists, interact with your friends, crowdfund events, find new talents, discover local shows, and above all else, buy tickets to your events… everywhere.  

Strictly for the pros, meaning, this is the one-stop-shop for entertainment professionals to find opportunities, negotiate deals, sign Smart Contracts, deliver events, and process ticket sales. Tyket would not be possible without our Artists and Producers, so it was it’s imperative that they have a platform that allows them to do business in a safe, secure, and quick way.  

Our online marketplace for tickets and memorabilia—TykMart—will act as the engine that provides users with access to any and all types of events; from concerts to cooking shows, to festivals and plays, TykMart will have it all.